Events in Catania and Surroundings...


Come and celebrate the New Year in our beautiful city. Every year the Municipality organizes magnificent celebrations right in Piazza Duomo, practically under the house, with shows of all kinds, an open-air disco, theatrical performances and fireworks. Then, at the dawn of the new year, you can admire an enchanting spectacle from the highest volcano in Europe: Etna. A majestic volcano, generous as it is threatening, loved and admired as feared.

THE FEAST OF S. AGATA, from 3rd to 5th February
The festival is the most important religious event felt by the people of Catania, with an echo throughout the world. Everyone participates (devout and not) with great religious fervor, following the procession of the "Vara" (which carries the bust and casket of the Saint), along various routes that wind through the main streets of the city. The "pagan" is joined to the religious aspect of the festival, therefore of great spectacularity. The colorful processional stalls that smell of nougats and typical sweets are the background to the procession; sellers of "calia e semenza" (roasted chickpeas and pumpkin seeds). An important appointment is the fantastic fireworks show. If you want to relive the atmosphere of city festivities of the past, told by our grandparents, you can't miss the festival of Sant'Agata, which has now remained among the very few religious and pagan festivals in the world.

The CARNIVAL OF ACIREALE, between February and March
Just 15 km north of Catania, Acireale, one of the jewels of Sicilian Baroque, organizes every year the most beautiful Carnival in Sicily. With splendid floats, music in the streets and squares, people in masks dancing joyfully between jokes and late-night laughter, this delightful village, rich in history and art, will remain in your heart for a long time.

The province of Catania on the occasion of Holy Week and Easter organizes a series of events of considerable cultural and folk interest. Adrano, during Holy Saturday, can attend the theatrical performance "la Diavolata", a religious drama of 1728. Also Caltagirone, famous for its handmade ceramics, remembers the Holy Week with religious processions and typical shows. Between April and May in Caltagirone you will also find the International Review of the terracotta whistle, with over 300 specimens from all over the world and the "Scala Infiorata", monumental staircase of S. Maria del Monte. Palagonia instead on the occasion of the Monday of the Angel organizes a procession in honor of S.Febronia with the famous "split of the pine cone" propitiatory manifestation of the rural tradition.

Catania and the villages of the province celebrate the two most beautiful seasons of the year with a considerable number of meetings and events. A Trecastagni, May 10 is celebrating the Patron Saint Alfio with the evocative procession of penitents who arrive barefoot, walking for miles to the Church of St. Alfio, to manifest their devotion. In the procession, the market with stalls full of fresh garlic and a classical music concert in the square are the background. A Macchia di Giarre between 22 and 25 June marks the 24th Cherry and Rose Festival, with a parade of Sicilian folk groups and carts. On June 24, on the occasion of the feast of St. John, in Acitrezza, an enchanting seaside village, made famous by the "Malavoglia" of Verga, a rather characteristic pantomime "U pisci a mari" is organized, which consists in the hunt for a disguised man from fish that tries to escape capture among the rocks of the Cyclops. For the feast of St. Peter on June 29, Riposto gives life to a suggestive procession on a fishing boat of the statue of the Saint, escorted by boats and fishing boats up to the pier of Torre Archirafi. From July to September, Catania organizes a series of musical, theatrical and dance performances at the "Le Ciminiere" exhibition center.